At P&O Repasa we believe that the human factor along with high quality tugs is the key to success. As a result, we follow a demanding recruitment policy that requires high qualification standards from our personnel.

Our success is enhanced by the diversity of our people, who benefit from our equal opportunity policy. We take pride in the rich and diverse mix of backgrounds, beliefs, cultures, skills and knowledge of our staff, which we believe it is a key factor in our business success and performance. We search, attract and train local talent to build a sustainable future.
Our crews’ training and attitude are Repasa’s main asset and the reason behind the quality of our services.

Our crews are thoroughly trained, and replicate the diversity of Repasa’s international operations and values. Their daily performance is a proof of our company’s commitment and responsibility.
P&O Repasa training program includes a Full Mission Tug Simulator, allowing onsite training on general ASD principles, emergency situations, specific manoeuvres or dynamic positioning, with a very high degree of realism, including weather, ocean or infrastructure conditions.
Our Onshore staff’s dedication to planning, management, safety, maintenance and financial/legal issues is essential for providing successful operations with the highest standards of quality.

Repasa’s Human Resources policy is based on the continuous training for our staff, a highly motivated workforce that is focused on our clients’ needs, and an upward mobility policy that promotes professional development and fosters in-house talent.
Repasa’s philosophy is based on a long-term approach to stakeholder relationships, emphasizing the development of community links.

Our Corporate Responsibility policy fosters community links through training programs for local workers, onshore medical care, the local sourcing of provisions and supplies, infrastructure development and an active involvement in community investment programs.

Our objective is to support local communities, develop employment opportunities and contribute to the prosperity of the communities where we operate.