P&O Repasa serves the needs of the global energy industry by providing customized marine solutions through a modern and diversified fleet of harbor, terminal tugs and supply vessels.

We currently provide integrated marine services lo LNG facilities in Equatorial Guinea, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago and Spain, using technologically sophisticated assets and a highly skilled and experienced workforce.

Our range of services includes LNG carrier berthing and un-berthing, crew and supplies transportation, anchor handling activities, coastal and harbor towage, firefighting and pollution control, assistance and support to offshore oil platforms and other specialized marine duties.
We provide integrated marine services to LNG and Oil Terminals worldwide, ensuring safety and reliable operations in any location, whether operating along protected jetties or in open water. Committed to the long-term, we understand our job as a true partnership with customers, employees and local communities.

We stand ready to deploy a diversify range of vessels, skilled and experienced crews and management, together with onshore logistics and support. We deliver integrated marine solution to LNG and Oil terminals, from berthing of tankers and carriers to supply duties, mooring services, crew transportation, provision of diving equipment, surveillance and maintenance activities among others.
Safety is the guiding principle of our company, and one of Repasa’s main competitive advantages. Our Full Mission Tug Simulator replicates real on-site conditions in high risk operations, allowing Repasa to offer thoroughly trained crews that are ready to perform under the most demanding circumstances.

Our company has a well-established track record with experienced crews that specialize in towing platforms, positioning and anchor handling, assistance and standby duties to support offshore drilling operations, all over the world. The experience of P&O’s management and crews ensures the highest reliability, accuracy and safety in all our operations.
P&O REPASA offers a wide range of services to oil and gas industry clients, including equipment supplies, refueling, personnel relief, assistance and support during maintenance operations, stand-by duties, to offshore rigs and platforms.
The periodic training of REPASA’s crews ensures effective responses to emergency situations. Our vessels are equipped with latest generation of firefighting and oil spill response equipment.

Our highly trained and experienced crews can quickly analyze accidents, evaluate their causes, assess environmental conditions (materials, sea currents and weather) and choose the appropriate equipment for damage control, implementing the best strategy to guarantee safety and the preservation of the environment and natural resources at risk.
Tugs are equipped according to the operation at hand, and typically include oil dispersant systems, spraying booms and integrated recovery oil tanks in case the contaminated sea surface needs to be controlled and recovered.